Vibrational Call

Who needs words My vibrations say it all Either shaking in fear Or shining so clear Smoothly does it Keep it in Breathe it out Words come later Vibrational call

I witnessed a special moment between trees in a storm

I witnessed a special moment between trees in a storm.   I like it when the wind blows strong. Trees stood together for so long. Branches weeping never brush. Suddenly, one swelling gush. Deity Air carries them up. Finally, briefly  branches touch.  

One Final Night

The end of days One final night The dove of peace Watched fire and light. The world at last, come undone The human race did slide and burn.

My Death Sky

My death sky was pink and gold I was whispered secrets Never told.

To Be a Stone

It started off in swirls and of flows, Great dust compounds that were still yet unknown. But all inside was known to The All, and so I started forming, surfacing reaching my goal. Until from ground I emerged, made of mineral matter! I did not matter to many who walked above my earthy tones, but to…

Consciousness Explorer

Study the school of life the 100th monkey is on his way consciousness explorer activates dna hack into reality since mother earth’s a mother board connect the energy grids of our earth the ley lines can’t be ignored the human race is still asking just what are we racing for ascension time, separation line will…