Angel Breath

Snow flurry Angel breath Falls, calmly Causes death Storm looms Chaos Life resumes No loss.

Sky bruise

Purple skies, Heavy eyes. Soft bruising, Of nature and mind.


Swim sees talking heads on the colour TV. La la la, they can’t see me. Swim knows they talk in ego-tongues, while their ignorance blissfully burns. We won’t care, Swim says inside Swim’s head. Our words are dust before we’re dead. Perfect neighbours give Swim dirty looks. Nasty vibrations from the roots. Save me, Swim…

Empty Of Her

I should have protected her that night. My skin burns with white fire, brightest on the back of my neck, it sears. This ever present ever heightened new static state of being. Foggy but jaggy, the whole world now appears. I’m carrying in my throat the lumps of pain, regret and shame. Swimming through my…


Take me back. Things cannot be fixed. My world is black.

Logos Spermatikos

Bringer of life Seeder of Earth Suddenly rife Spores everywhere. Turn the dark side Destroyer of worlds Wiping them out Burning the child.

My Sin

But we like it when we’re spinning inside the old Devil’s grin. To hold our hurt pressed close to us It’s all mine, my satisfying sin.          

I witnessed a special moment between trees in a storm

I witnessed a special moment between trees in a storm.   I like it when the wind blows strong. Trees stood together for so long. Branches weeping never brush. Suddenly, one swelling gush. Deity Air carries them up. Finally, briefly ┬ábranches touch.  

My Death Sky

My death sky was pink and gold I was whispered secrets Never told.