And then one day she realised a Great Truth that allowed her to truly start accepting everyone who crossed her path.

Plato’s Rabbits

My awareness shrinks, I am a Me within a Me and I seem to be standing inside the tunnels of my ear canals, in the centre of my head, a cave. Shadows dance on the wall from an unseen fire, flames project light, a procession of shadow people walking across a grassy plane horizon. I…

My Death Sky

My death sky was pink and gold I was whispered secrets Never told.

Dimitri and the Ego Ballooons

    I once went to this place where everybody held a balloon on a string. Everybody. All their lives. And some of those balloons would inflate over time and everyone would inwardly gush – ‘Just look at my balloon, look how big it is’. So obsessed with their precious fucking balloons. A meeting with…