The Dream Playground

And so it was decided that humanity had to lose itself in the dream once more. The gods slipped away to let the children play. Waking up, optional.

Sol Speaks

‘I have protected them with Forgetting,’ Sol explained, ‘They will die to remember what they were born to forget. And they can re-join the game and forget all over again if they wish. Or they can come back home, back into One and help the ones who are struggling with The Forgetting. But I have…

Hush, let them sleep

Celebrating diversity includes celebrating the unawakened, the asleep and the people-sheep. Too often we complain about the still-asleep. We call them sad and brainwashed, dumbed down ego-mentalists. We secretly cast our judgements and small  hatred down upon them. Darkness can seep so quickly from the corners of awakening eyes. Ego spikes, we all have them….

Earth, I hate and love you

  Sometimes I hate this planet. I don’t even feel like I’m from here. Does anyone else feel the same? On good days I laugh, I forget and I feel like a real human. On other days…well. I’m disappearing. These other days should be better days. And in some ways they are. I’m floaty like…