Empty Of Her

I should have protected her that night. My skin burns with white fire, brightest on the back of my neck, it sears. This ever present ever heightened new static state of being. Foggy but jaggy, the whole world now appears. I’m carrying in my throat the lumps of pain, regret and shame. Swimming through my…

Baby Stars

Baby stars curled up Embryonic Die young spit out gamma rays Form the Black Hole

Elder Age

And then, one day all the human hearts stopped beating. The last organic heart failed and the vast machine who had kept it pulsing, was adjusted. We broke free from our past. Our youth of humanity. Now was our elder age of technology, alchemy and magic. We plugged in to the dream net to feel…

The Dream Playground

And so it was decided that humanity had to lose itself in the dream once more. The gods slipped away to let the children play. Waking up, optional.

A Fly Little Soul

Picture the scene. It’s been a long day (and night) and finally bed is imminent. One thing however is stopping me from diving into my little duvet paradise. A fly, a fat one at that, buzzing around the bedroom. I can’t climb into bed yet, knowing that it may start dive-bombing my sleeping face, or…


Take me back. Things cannot be fixed. My world is black.

A Lost Chapter

On the 8.05 train I try to sit and think of nothingness. It doesn’t help when everywhere I look, people are rushing. Back and forward like ants, here and there like wandering nomads. Going everywhere, getting nowhere. Never stopping, always moving, always plugged in. The mouths are busy talking, the fingers busy texting. Ears plugged…

Save Me

I sit in the café waiting, waiting. I didn’t know he’d keep me waiting. Wasn’t that funny? Never thought he was the type. Seemed he was. Didn’t he know you can become addicted to people? I’m at the withdrawal stage now. I need my hit. The waitress asks again if I’m ready to order, I…

Logos Spermatikos

Bringer of life Seeder of Earth Suddenly rife Spores everywhere. Turn the dark side Destroyer of worlds Wiping them out Burning the child.

My Sin

But we like it when we’re spinning inside the old Devil’s grin. To hold our hurt pressed close to us It’s all mine, my satisfying sin.