The Gut Wrench

Sometimes the only gut-wrenching we do is the gut wrench we do to ourselves. Through inaction or misguided action we can feel that dreaded dread, we can feel mistakes, things that were not supposed to happen. Learning about our true inner self by deep self analysis can show us that there are no mistakes, only…

Angel Breath

Snow flurry Angel breath Falls, calmly Causes death Storm looms Chaos Life resumes No loss.

Novel beginnings

Feedback welcome on the novel I am writing, here are the first two chapters… Chapter One ~ A Fragment   We are standing on our edges. My edge is always The Bridge over the river, at the mouth of the sea. Arms outstretched, faces to the sky. It may look like we are going to…

Binary brains

The brain is an electromagnetic machine. It is not that different to your computers of the future. It’s just made of different material and carries as its executer, a consciousness that we may call the soul, the higher self, the id. When we fully understand the brain, our perception on life itself will change. Spirit…

Wake Me

Mixtures of music and visuals to wake up to.  

What sort of people get lost in ego?

People with cars gliding atop the streets we walk, like private movie stars. Like an added layer of mechanicalism, protection for your body-robot. But what do cars do for the soul? The journey can be therapeutic. As a child I would watch the stars and let the car-radio music move my mind. But that was…

Let’s make one thing clear, Trump is just a Puppet

The hate, the ignorance, the hypocrisy, the greed, the criticism and the sneering. The whole world is at it right now and it is telling us so much about ourselves.  People are blind to the way the system is playing them, controlling them, containing them. Presidents are puppets. The secret Keepers of Control still conduct…

The rabbit knows

​In the beginning, there was no beginning. And in the future there will be no future.

Sky bruise

Purple skies, Heavy eyes. Soft bruising, Of nature and mind.

The illusion of Chaos

​A car crash on the A9 is the perfect example of elegance. There is no chaos. Its all just a matter of perception. Carnage!! Scream the headlines.  Elegant order, whispers the Universe.  Looking at the world, it looks chaotic, but everything is in perfect elegance. Two souls perfectly aligning their vehicles to clip bumpers at just the right…