We Own The Sky

Your body is made of Stars Your brain is made of Data The Meta-Galaxy is protecting you Throughout this Great Dream   We Own The Sky – music and video by M83 #consciousness #stars #starseed #mind #soul #enlightenment #universe #eternal #life #dream #galaxies #metaphysical #ego #higherself

Mind Spilling on Instagram

My love of imagery and instantanous idea-catching led me to create yet another mind-spillage platform for Disappearing Me. This time in the form of an Instagram page. I do like how quickly I can upload an image and share a thought or hashtag with it. Life is about catching those magical thoughts and sharing them,…

The Gut Wrench

Sometimes the only gut-wrenching we do is the gut wrench we do to ourselves. Through inaction or misguided action we can feel that dreaded dread, we can feel mistakes, things that were not supposed to happen. Learning about our true inner self by deep self analysis can show us that there are no mistakes, only…

Angel Breath

Snow flurry Angel breath Falls, calmly Causes death Storm looms Chaos Life resumes No loss.

Binary brains

The brain is an electromagnetic machine. It is not that different to your computers of the future. It’s just made of different material and carries as its executer, a consciousness that we may call the soul, the higher self, the id. When we fully understand the brain, our perception on life itself will change. Spirit…

Wake Me

Mixtures of music and visuals to wake up to.  

I witnessed a special moment between trees in a storm

I witnessed a special moment between trees in a storm.   I like it when the wind blows strong. Trees stood together for so long. Branches weeping never brush. Suddenly, one swelling gush. Deity Air carries them up. Finally, briefly  branches touch.  

My Death Sky

My death sky was pink and gold I was whispered secrets Never told.

Binary Can Be Beautiful

Not Just Simple Strings of Zeros and Ones. Binary Can be Beautiful. Ascii Can Also Be Aesthetically Pleasing. DNA codes + Ascii + Binary == Humans.Hello_World!