Transmute The Fear

A short story from the dark side… You would never suspect I was a taker of lives. I didn’t grow up wishing to be this. I didn’t dream about killing my first victim. Synchronicity brought us together and started the deathly slow-train of thought in my mind. Slowly, it snaked round my brain. She wanted…

Busy bodies

Like little bees, always doing. The busy lives and the bodies keep moving. When self-reflect is too a dangerous a pool to peer in. The busy bodies never see their own reflection. People who for some reason find it impossible to think about themselves, and so really be themselves, try to make up for not…

Angel Breath

Snow flurry Angel breath Falls, calmly Causes death Storm looms Chaos Life resumes No loss.


Swim sees talking heads on the colour TV. La la la, they can’t see me. Swim knows they talk in ego-tongues, while their ignorance blissfully burns. We won’t care, Swim says inside Swim’s head. Our words are dust before we’re dead. Perfect neighbours give Swim dirty looks. Nasty vibrations from the roots. Save me, Swim…

Belief and Sacrifice 

To speak my truth would mean a loss A rush of judgements, never stops Those who raised me would stand and scoff Belief in faeries turns them off I’m kept down there as stupid me I’ll lose their love to be free.

Pollyana Empath

I separate I’m thinning My mind is being sucked from my body My eyes stay on my face Fear fear, every little crack, everything I lack Stay sweet child, I beg you please stay What despicable inadequacies did I do To end up in the dark The crumbling The no way back Please, distant angels…

My moon, my man

The moon brought clarity, so much clarity With the strength of a bull it smashed The fragility of harsh truths out into the open No closing this back up, lunar love The road is clear now but full of struggles Twisted and gnarled the overgrowth of my ignorance  Bad choices have grown into something worse…

Empty Of Her

I should have protected her that night. My skin burns with white fire, brightest on the back of my neck, it sears. This ever present ever heightened new static state of being. Foggy but jaggy, the whole world now appears. I’m carrying in my throat the lumps of pain, regret and shame. Swimming through my…

The Dream Playground

And so it was decided that humanity had to lose itself in the dream once more. The gods slipped away to let the children play. Waking up, optional.


Take me back. Things cannot be fixed. My world is black.