Have you ever been to The Otherside?

Have you ever been to The Otherside? Where there is no light, there is no dark. Only balance of duality. Equilibrium of both. Be here and now. Free from judgements and light chasers. For those who know, that you cannot know the light without first knowing the dark. For those who sit, in between the…

Unwash your Brain

If your mind is free, you are never caged. Seek your own truth, not that which is presented to you. Everyone has personal agendas, private desires drawn from deep within ego minds. The soul knows, the chaos dust will settle soon. We can unwash our brains in the Seas of Understanding.

All words are spells

If we choose to listen to the words we tell ourself, the ones that bring us down, we will find ourself sinking with those words to worlds of darkness, in the underground. Be kind to yourself. Today, make the words sweet. Your soul will thank you tomorrow.

Busy bodies

Like little bees, always doing. The busy lives and the bodies keep moving. When self-reflect is too a dangerous a pool to peer in. The busy bodies never see their own reflection. People who for some reason find it impossible to think about themselves, and so really be themselves, try to make up for not…

We Own The Sky

Your body is made of Stars Your brain is made of Data The Meta-Galaxy is protecting you Throughout this Great Dream   We Own The Sky Рmusic and video by M83 #consciousness #stars #starseed #mind #soul #enlightenment #universe #eternal #life #dream #galaxies #metaphysical #ego #higherself

Hush let them sleep

Hush let them sleep… find me on Instagram Celebrating diversity includes celebrating the unawakened, the asleep and the people-sheep. Too often we complain about the still-asleep. We call them sad and brainwashed, dumbed down ego-mentalists. We secretly cast our judgements and small hatred down upon them. Darkness can seep so quickly from the corners of…

The Gut Wrench

Sometimes the only gut-wrenching we do is the gut wrench we do to ourselves. Through inaction or misguided action we can feel that dreaded dread, we can feel mistakes, things that were not supposed to happen. Learning about our true inner self by deep self analysis can show us that there are no mistakes, only…