Have you ever been to The Otherside?

Have you ever been to The Otherside? Where there is no light, there is no dark. Only balance of duality. Equilibrium of both. Be here and now. Free from judgements and light chasers. For those who know, that you cannot know the light without first knowing the dark. For those who sit, in between the…

All words are spells

If we choose to listen to the words we tell ourself, the ones that bring us down, we will find ourself sinking with those words to worlds of darkness, in the underground. Be kind to yourself. Today, make the words sweet. Your soul will thank you tomorrow.

Binary brains

The brain is an electromagnetic machine. It is not that different to your computers of the future. It’s just made of different material and carries as its executer, a consciousness that we may call the soul, the higher self, the id. When we fully understand the brain, our perception on life itself will change. Spirit…

Wake Me

Mixtures of music and visuals to wake up to.  


​Humans wanted to return to their dreams of the past. The age where the senses were still in beautiful harmony with the physical world. The age that your ego projection dreams of is the earliest age we have a full enough data bank to re-create a time long once past. A world we long feared…

Eyes of Three

There’s always this nagging feeling. Like my whole perception on life takes place inside a giant dome and our eyes can’t see round it. Unless you become enlightened or eat some ayahuasca or begin to die. You would develop the third sight then. But for now if you want the super sight for longer than…

The Voice

I believe: My outer self is a humanoid, a reflection of a person. It gets anxiety over miniature stuff, you know, things that never become disastrous. Yet I crumble as a human because I begin to believe my ego-voice. Everyone hears The Voice. It’s what keeps us tied to this crule world walking pavements of…

In lak ‘ech

I am you and you are me. Our Multidimensional Me’s. I am another yourself.

The Universe Is Mental

The All is everything, the Universe is mental. Watch your thoughts, don’t let them be unstable. Build a strong vision, project a kind mind. Focus your intention on things that are right.

Memory Mind Spills

I am here and not here. Stay asleep or wake up? Everyone wants to do one or the other. In this world or that? Asleep or awake? But what if you are half asleep in one world and half awake in another? Semi-conscious in two worlds at once. Could you hold that balance, of two…