Voices of Austerity

In the UK right now and for many years, humans are being treated with utter disdain. I’m talking sanctions, forced work programmes and techniques applied and designed to degrade the spirit and the soul.

Can we stop turning a blind eye? Turn round and see what people are enduring and feel the anger that is bubbling from coast to coast, city to city. Too many people these days are succumbing to the numbing, they are numbed to the reality of this way of life. They may not even realise it but inside they believe the carefully constructed media, that tells us unemployed = waster. We should look down on these ‘types’. They just don’t want to work. They never will.

People with mental health issues and physical problems and disabilities are being forced to work or threatened with sanctions.

It goes against every moral thought but because it’s dressed up in discrimination, people don’t see. It’s ok to hate the junkies, don’t forget the wasters, and also the ones that sit at home and take pills for anxiety, these sorts who should be forced to work, work, work, work, work (the Tory mantra) and even disabled people, yes those whose daily life is full of pain and discomfort, we should force them to work just so our economy runs better and we impose an ethic on everyone that everyone works no matter what.

We are not bees.

We are human beings, all equal, all unique. One person’s anxiety is another person’s suicide. We cannot judge as we have not been there.


Things that go on in UK job centres:

An man being told the police will be called if he doesn’t stop having a panic attack.

A woman being told if she doesn’t attend a job interview instead of a hospital appointment, she will have no benefits for two months.

A young girl being told she is going to be sanctioned for a year – the girl didn’t understand as she has a learning disability – she was sanctioned anyway.

A single mum of three being told that she will be sanctioned for three months for missing an appointment, one that she missed due to being in hospital.

A young man ending his life because he received a notice that he will be sanctioned for six months.

I am going to be writing a new blog to let the Voices of Austerity be heard. Please re-blog this post and if you or someone you know has been affected by government cuts, sanctions, benefit decisions etc… use the contact form so I can gather stories and contact you back. You are not alone and together we can let the Voices of Austerity be heard.

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