Let’s make one thing clear, Trump is just a Puppet

The hate, the ignorance, the hypocrisy, the greed, the criticism and the sneering. The whole world is at it right now and it is telling us so much about ourselves. 

People are blind to the way the system is playing them, controlling them, containing them. Presidents are puppets. The secret Keepers of Control still conduct mass manipulation on us all.

People are falling. In every sense of the word. Falling into black holes of mania, falling for the disinformation designed to distract.

Closet racists pretend to be precious snowflakes and everyone wants to stand above the Other on their highest ground of morality.

Mistaken morality makes for twisted souls. Everyone is flung into chaos as they try to polarise everything and everyone. 

You can’t be left and right, they say.

Oh but you can. 

Equilibrium of the soul, Equilibrium of the world. We need to stop running in opposite directions. Stop jumping on the latest maufactured propaganda peice designed to distract.

Don’t fight! Keep the balance in everything. Idealists, get more real. Realists, have more feels.

The Puppets will keep dancing but be wary of joining in the dance. Like the ancient fae, you could be taken away, your mind lost to the world of the manic.

Peace is possible because no one has to be the enemy or the bad guy, not even Russia.

When the chaos cooks up, you can be sure balance is on its way.

Equilibrium of the world soul gets closer every day.

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