Uncertain Futures

We are being led to believe that our futures are uncertain. That Trump and Farage and the likes are dragging us down into a dark and dangerous, disastrous new world. 

This is fear propaganda. Brought to you courtesy of the #MSM and your #Ego.

Your future will always feel uncertain if you face it with fear.

Stop listening to the fear mongers who say #Trump will ruin the world. He’s already changed the world for the good by axing the TTP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) deal, which would have greatly benefited rich corporations and allowed them to control our governments, even sue them. 

Our privacy and other rights would be affected. 

EFF say ~ “..this chapter would have had extensive negative ramifications for users’ freedom of expression, right to privacy and due process, as well as hindering peoples’ abilities to innovate. Other chapters of the agreement encouraged your personal data to be sent across borders with limited protection for your privacy, and allowed foreign corporations to sue countries for laws or regulations that promote the public interest.” This proposed deal was also kept highly secret, deliberately hidden from the public, which should raise alarm bells straight away.

EFF among many, many others have been campaigning and fighting to oppose this bill.

It should be celebrated that Trump has immediately put an end to this, something Obama never did.

But is he given credit for this liberating act of justice for the people of the US? 

No. Instead the MSM choose to report on how this will benefit China instead.


Choose positivity, not fear! Think and read for yourselves, don’t be spoon fed MSM guff as it is mostly always biased, agenda-ridden guff!! 



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