Eyes of Three

There’s always this nagging feeling. Like my whole perception on life takes place inside a giant dome and our eyes can’t see round it. Unless you become enlightened or eat some ayahuasca or begin to die. You would develop the third sight then. But for now if you want the super sight for longer than the length of a trip, you’re looking at the path of enlightenment. 

You can’t see it too well and it’s no yellow brick road. It’s often steeped in frightening mists or placed along teetering edges, it’s a pain in the fucking ass.

But, still you walk it. Because you’re fed up living inside the dome. The restriction of space and time are starting to wear thin while the weight of the third dimension is choking your soul.

So you step through the mists, you dance on the edge. You sing to your loved ones, keep walking your path for the day the dome dies will come.

The world will see with eyes of three.
Art work by Alex Grey

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