Sound the Trumpets, the Puppets are Dancing

Are you celebrating the Trump victory or are you recoiling in fear, shaking in uncertain bones, wondering if America will actually implode now that a racist reckless rebel has taken control?

Is Trump really all evil? Or is he the first person on such a global platform to call out the government on one very important and worldly divisive issue right now –

Who is to blame for ISIS?

Believe the media lies and blame ISIS for the rise of ISIS or do the sensible thing and blame your own governments and past leaders for the invasion and degradation of these countries, letting power and greed ruin this world. Turning us against us in the name of the Oil, and of the Power, and of the Godly Fear.

Were the left and right the lesser of two evils?

It’s quite refreshing to hear the new US president tell the world that the US government are the ones to blame for creating some of the most destructive patterns in our global society. Ahh, a freshly poured cup of progressive thinking. Just what I needed.

But the political sphere is crawling with mini masters of manipulation. Be mindful of the puppet strings, Punch and Judy politics is still rife in America, the UK and pretty everywhere in the West.

Trump: “You shouldn’t have deleted all those classified emails, Hillary.”               Hillary:”How else was I supposed to hide my crookedness!”

Perhaps Trump is merely a puppet, ready to dance blindly underneath the puppeteers, making more masters and sorry slaves in the process. Or perhaps he is real, as his Twitter handle suggests, and really will be a voice for the people, tearing down elitist political establishments rotten with corruption and giddy with control over the masses.

Don’t worry, the world probably isn’t real anyway

People cry that the world has gone mad, while most folks are thinking – so these people have just noticed?! The world has been mad for a very long time. Just ask Donnie Darko. Perhaps some trickster energy in the form of Trump will re-balance this mad world after galvanising it in a way never seen before.

Because remember folksprogress

So perhaps it is time to deviate from our normalized norms. Drift away from extremes of divisive duality. Our screaming, tugging, polarized planet may find an unexpected equilibrium in Trump who is a paradox in himself – a multibillionaire businessman who positively breeds capitalism has become a beacon of hope for the people on the opposite spectrum, the victims of capitalism, the anonymous nobodies, the underclass. Trump is the 1%, they are the 99. But still the two have been drawn together over one unifying cause – disrupt the establishment, change the status quo. Expose all the monsters. And in doing so, bring politics back to the people.

However, the media would have you believe that our world is doomed and gloomed. BBC News followed the Trump victory with funeral-style reporting, a sombre mood was set upon the nations, followed by the airing of A Distant Trumpet, perhaps planned when they though Trump would be a distant memory by now.

If monsters are to be exposed we can be sure that people will protect them, demons wear many masks and can manipulate the world into wearing one too. We must all be wary of becoming the monsters, chasing down the witches and attacking our neighbours. The world has been polarizing for some time now and soon it will snap, hopefully the left and the right will fall into agreement, cut the puppet strings, cut the crap, for humanity is ready to stop playing games of puppets, it is ready to dance into the new days of the future, the truly unknown.

Careful we do not become the monsters…

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