Plato’s Rabbits

My awareness shrinks, I am a Me within a Me and I seem to be standing inside the tunnels of my ear canals, in the centre of my head, a cave. Shadows dance on the wall from an unseen fire, flames project light, a procession of shadow people walking across a grassy plane horizon. I see that my feet are chained to the walls of my ear tunnels and for a second I expect rabbits to come hopping along as if this is also a rabbit burrow and I’ve fallen down that rabbit hole again. The shadows remind me of an early child entertainment, and my hands make rabbit finger-ears shapes on the cave wall. The two rabbits talk to each other, nod and skip a circle around each other before settling back down. They are no longer just fingers they are perfect shaped rabbits, like the dark one in Watership Down, skipping through the grassy fields to Death. Bright eyes burning like fire. The shadow rabbits on the cave wall now have red eyes, burning with the flame of the invisible fire.

The spark is inside us all, I think, or is it the me within me still whispering in my ear. Yes…my ear, I remember now I am in my ear canals and I begin to rush through the tunnels, leaving behind the shadows and the chains of the cave, rushing through the tunnels and leaving the womb-cave behind, seeing the first twinkle of light as I near the exit of my now helter skelter smelter ear tunnels, it’s almost like a psychedelic carnival ride. I suddenly burst through the tunnel’s end, burst into light, I can’t see anything but light then the familiar geometrical shapes appear in the fabric of reality and the pieces of the double sided puzzle are turned over again to reveal the flip side of my ear-cave reality. Plato’s cave. I still feel chained to every piece of matter in this world. To be free, one must follow the rabbit, but then dance with it to the Death.

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