Memory Mind Spills

I am here and not here.

Stay asleep or wake up? Everyone wants to do one or the other. In this world or that? Asleep or awake? But what if you are half asleep in one world and half awake in another? Semi-conscious in two worlds at once. Could you hold that balance, of two whole worlds? Like globes on your shoulders, could you hold them there while watching the stars roll across the sky? We die to remember what we are born to forget. But I remember. Everything is always safe and good. Maybe the reason some of my memories in this world go missing is because more are gained from the other world. Memory incoming, memory outgoing.

Memories are made of moments and what I’ve learned is, moments are special, and life is more enriched when you seamlessly live in the moment, when you don’t ponder on the past or day dream on the future, you just keep going with the happy moments.

Happiness can be caught in one single moment, that place exists and can be found in the small spaces of stillness between each breath we breathe. And they say if you can empty your mind completely, if you can find that true place of stillness, because it is a place, you’ll realise that your moments are like pages of a pop up book, just breathed into life, dancing above that sheet of stillness. That’s why, when you die, you dance your last dance, you breathe your last breath and allow the stillness to swallow you, back into oneness of the vast expansive consciousness, at one with everything, not dancing now but just…being. Because when you die and return truly with the one consciousness, you have done it, you have danced all of your happiest moments, like a satisfied baby curling back into slumber after many milky feeds, you can dream now, with a smile upon your soul, you can dream of all the happy moments you had.

dancing street.jpg

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