Theories on Relativity

Light is always running away from us.

Like in those dreams where you can never catch the person you are pursuing.

The illusion of light, gravity and time. Where we would be without our three protectors of the sleep dream world we like to call life?


Image Credits ~  Sabine Weiss, Paris 1953.

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  1. Sha'Tara says:

    When I was a child I lived mostly in the dream time. I remember being pursued, being certain the pursuer was a monster that wanted to kill and devour me. I hated not being able to outrun it, or him. I ran but there were large round holes on the surface trying to make me fall into them. Darkness rose from the holes, as frightening as the ever-unseen but felt, pursuing monster. I would never escape, I thought, I knew. Sooner or later they would get me. They did. It’s how it is. Only afterwards did I realize that that which I ran towards, the distant light, the safety and the beckoning smiles, those were the monsters. That which pursued was life and each hole offered an alternate lifestyle, endless choices, a way out of the labyrinth of pointless surface choices. I had to stop running, fall and die in order to live, or I would have to exist within that pointless illusion, that eternal squirrel cage called “earth.” “I am my own light and it is by will alone I live my life and make it mine.” (One of my mantras for living.)


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