The Silver River

I seem to be in a narrow metallic stream which is pulling me along with impossible strength in its relentless race to the stars. Then suddenly I’m tossed out as I approach a bend, the river races on like a silver rush hour. Globs of the metallic substance drip from my body and create small pools below. It is without warning that I suddenly fall into one, with the cliff stumbling sensation you get when you’re falling in a dream. I have a faint feeling that my body, where ever it is, jolts and inhales sharply, then stills again as my fall becomes a float. I’m floating through the void again and I feel like my old life, my familiar body, my human suit…are so far across the universe, I might never find my way back to them.


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  1. Sha'Tara says:

    Reads, feels, like you are taking yourself through the process of detachment. That is good.

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    1. Dimensional detachment, yes 🙂


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