The Dangerous Divide

The divide is growing instead of closing. Judgements cloaked in superiority, drape a dark blanket of hate over our brothers, sisters, our world. Too many self-proclaimed enlightened ones are cloaking others with this blanket, in an attempt to cloak their own conflicted, burnt but forgotten fear. Can you love a terrorist? A pedophile? A murdering monster? An unawakened one? Wait, can we stop dividing them all?

The monsters, the maggots, the evil, the brain dead. These are the names given to our fellow family, our multidimensional me’s, if you please. The judgemental ones continue to play patriarch, believing they can sit on their Throne of Enlightenment, casting out condemnations while they wait for the brain washed sleepers of the world to play catch up.

They forget one thing.

Everything is as it should be. The terrorists, the takers of innocence, the sleepers and the bleeders. We are all playing our part in the Great Game we agreed to.

There is no right and wrong when you lift the veil on duality. Just lessons, and walkers, as we all walk our path.

Everyone is walking the path to awakening. If we create divide we splinter our paths, we fracture apart.

We have all been the monster, the sleeper, the evil inside an angel. It is why we judge.

We remember.

It’s time to close the cracks and open our hearts. There is no divide in duality.

Images – Anatomy of an Angel by Damien Hirst.

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  1. Sha'Tara says:

    This post twigged a nerve! Does not the word “duality” speak divide? Should I believe that I am all the evil as well as all the good? That there is no difference between the compassionate and the sociopath? That “it’s all good” as the utterly ignorant saying goes? Am I a member of that wonderful all-inclusive club that welcomes without judgement the doctor without borders along with the genocidal maniac and accepts both as equals? No difference between victims and perps? Am I to eschew judgment so as to be politically correct? To solve any problem one has to judge the nature of the problem, using discernment. That does not mean I hate and reject the problem – then there is no solution. It means I confront it with intent to fix it. If an abused child comes to me for protection and points at her abuser, do I say, my dear you must not judge and neither will I? It’s all good, don’t you see? And if she insists, showing me her tears and bruises, do I tell her she is wrong? Do I apologize to the abuser? The greatest evil on this world is represented by the three monkeys: see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Refusal to face the reality of evil that makes up so much of this world. Judgment is necessary. It does not mean condemnation nor does it imply refusal to forgive. Further, one cannot appropriate the right to forgive evil on behalf of another. I can judge evil doers – I must – but only their victims are entitled to choose whether to forgive them or not. No, we are not “one” as New Age thinking likes to bandy about. But we can become self-empowered and give ourselves the power to resolve problems. Acceptance without judgment can only mean proliferation of evil. Think of the proverbial box of rotten apples. It began with one blemished apple on the bottom of the box – and you cannot reverse the process: all rotten apples must be thrown out and the others carefully inspected, then repacked IN INDIVIDUAL WRAPS to end the contagion. We could learn a lot from apples.

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    1. Hey Sha’Tara, it’s a controversial thought isn’t it? But the way I view good and evil is that of in degrees. I believe they are the polar opposites of the same thing, that is why it is often said good cannot exist without evil. They are of the same principle, just different in degrees. I found the book ‘Lifting the Veil of Duality’ by Andreas Mortiz very useful in understanding these concepts.


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