The Fairy Believer and The Doctor

Our world is torn.

Most of us believe in some sort of god, a higher being, a higher force, but at the same time most of us ridicule the fairy believers. An adult admitting serious belief in fairies is enough to warrant a delusional disorder diagnosis. Quash this nonsense from our society, believe in the gods but not in the fairy.

The doctor who diagnosed the fairy believer leaves a coin under his child’s pillow and hides the tiny tooth, waiting to see the excited shine in his child’s eyes when he first finds the coin, wishing for his child to become a fairy believer too. But he probably won’t slap a diagnosis on him when he’s older. He will have wished the belief out of him by then.

Why do doctors act so conflictingly? Perhaps secretly we all wish we lived in a world that is really magical. And we do.

But our egos tug at that veil over our eyes. Hold it down firm. We don’t see the sprites in the tree leaves any more. We don’t hear the breath of the wind waves. Like an ancient voice, sighing.

At some point we begin to see. Some of us always see, some find the seeing skill again. All it takes is one word.


I believe, do you?



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