Hush, let them sleep

Celebrating diversity includes celebrating the unawakened, the asleep and the people-sheep. Too often we complain about the still-asleep. We call them sad and brainwashed, dumbed down ego-mentalists. We secretly cast our judgements and small  hatred down upon them. Darkness can seep so quickly from the corners of awakening eyes.

Ego spikes, we all have them. Crumbly-soul moments. You let the chaotic and challenging barrage of society’s schizophrenic personalities take over your own vibrations.

But these spikes are our still-asleep people-sheep helping us to see. From behind their veil they reflect some bad vibrations. Things are becoming more super sensitive. Even the smallest of upsets in vibrations can be felt. I pick up on them, too late, I reflect, I project and then someone else will deflect.

And the so the mirror-bouncing game of our souls goes on.

Reflect in, breathe out.
Reflect in, breathe out.

Another ego-spike arrives. Too easily could I snap out some hate onto other souls. No. Dont get carried away with the vibrations. The still-asleep are little mirrors,  to be seen with many eyes. They are gifts to help us heal us for we are cut from the same shattered glass. We may look at them and remember parts of ourselves long buried or forgotten. Just as they may look at us and have the same thought.

How multidimensional does a soul go? Are we all just the same soul playing the Great Game of Life with itself all alone? Or are we galactical Godheads who spawned little mirror-souls, doused them with forgetfullness, confused them with languages and scattered them across galaxies? Are we of a  different lineage in line with the stars? Do the Godheads of Orion speak without words?  Some feel connections of Pleiades, some of Sirius. Some believe all souls are limitless. Whatever the order of things to do with souls, we are all in it together, this much I know. We’re all playing the same game, walking onto the same stage, grinning like  machine elves behind the same dimensional curtain. The Actors of Arcane, following the same stories that we wrote together in the stars.

We have a long time before the last star fades and our stories end. Before the last eye awakens and the darkness is spent.

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  1. Thanks 🙂 I wrote it last night just before falling asleep…how fitting. Sometimes the most intense words and thoughts swim round my head before sleep takes me.


  2. Sha'Tara says:

    Deep thoughts, though I don’t get the “hate” part. It has been my on-going experience, and I’ve had a lot of years to develop this awareness, that as I force myself to expand my consciousness apart from the sleeping societal giant, that I’ve moved in the opposite direction: towards compassion for the giant, especially as my awareness showed me that the giant is dying through lack of mental exercise. I am thankful that I awakened and did not go back to sleep, but that has not made me proud, nor made me think I am superior. Certainly it has not made me hate – quite to powerful opposite. It’s made me want to reach out, calmly, quietly, thinking that in interacting kindly with the unawakened some may pick up a hint, as I did many decades ago, and may also begin to awaken to their own nature and potential. I think the “hate” feeling comes from a sense of expectation of others. I have no expectation of anyone except myself. Just some thoughts here.

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    1. Thank you for your thoughts 🙂 Has given me more to think about. Why did i use the word hate? More impact..more real. Its a mind spillage of words written whilst sleepy. But the thing I’m describing can happen when emotions are high, not just expectations. Watching the debate on Syria yesterday, to bomb or not to bomb, hard not to get emotional and snap out a hate vibration to some of the MPs blindly supporting death and more death. I expect them to support peace not war, those $%#€@!!
      I would describe myself as awakening, not awakened. I don’t think anyone fully awakens until you shrug off this mortal skin and close your eyes on this world for ever. We are always awakening to deeper dynamic truths.
      I wrote this after seeing some self-proclaimed ‘awakened’ people on twitter attack the ‘unawakened’ calling them sad losers, dumb, pathetic etc, and a superiority develops, something I see a lot of. I find it all interesting. Ways to look within, reflect, think if I have acted a similar way (yes) if we all have at some point (definitely). That is how I express my compassion, by knowing and remembering we are all imperfect.


  3. Sha'Tara says:

    Finally getting back to your response. Yes, it makes sense, what you are sensing, and going through. That’s why the rest doesn’t make any sense at all. Like yourself, I don’t understand taking, for example, when giving is were one finds fulfillment and joy. I don’t understand oppressing and certainly not killing when helping, protecting, sharing is such a satisfying, sweet approach to others. I have to remind myself that this world is primarily ruled by psychopaths – that’s the main problem. So we need to develop our mental faculties and understanding to a point where we no longer require rulers. Self-empowerment through giving our personal life a purpose and living that purpose, come hell, high water or death(!) through unstinting compassion. Always compassion. I have found that in compassion I cannot go wrong; it’s the safest path to enlightenment I know.

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