Under the Skin of the Universe

We all know what’s under the skin of the universe. We’ve just flipped a switch to make ourselves forget. Humanity as a whole isn’t quite ready. Some have begun to awaken, like little lamps lit. Those that remain have been defiled by consumerism and fattened by the federal reserve.


Help them. Calling to your higher over arching self that governs all your multi selves. Help them remember. My friend wanted to take dmt once. She was an ego egg so I told the beings, go easy on her. She saw giant teddy-bear-like beings that guided her through a happy roller coaster. She saw no revelations of her own soul. Her forgetting is too strong. It would be dangerous. We don’t want popped brains or synapses snapping.

Many more sleeping gods came to play here on earth after the first god let himself forget. Like a magician he created the spin on the world and the moon. He dove in to forget everything. As other gods joined the game aspects of it grew.

The first law. Free will.

The second law. Karmic balance. As above so below.

The gods got in a mess. They played the game to death. Literally. Burnt stars crying. Stars and baby gods dying. Until they all began to wake up. Baby gods rubbing their eyes. The truth of their dream a wonderful surprise.

Ever had one of those dreams where everyone knows its a dream? We tried earth that way. It didn’t work for we always knew it was a dream.

We awoke with an end to the dream but not to ourselves.


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