To Be a Stone

It started off in swirls and of flows, Great dust compounds that were still yet unknown.
But all inside was known to The All,
and so I started forming, surfacing reaching my goal.
Until from ground I emerged, made of mineral matter!

I did not matter to many who walked above my earthy tones,
but to some I gave shelter, even life in its forms.
Great skies lay above me or even below
as the rock I had came from spun round my sister-brother’s homes.
The energy force that had tied us together,
deep within my hard core, it still held surface power.

Many different lives did cross my path,
many sat upon my solid mass,
great winds, long rains and hard sunshine begun
giving me their unique energy in turn.
I became smooth as the sand on a soft whitened beach,
where my long travelled sisters had washed up out of reach.
Each stone held a bond as we had all once known
the great swirling mass that we  one time came from.

Creatures with bodies that weighed more than I
broke apart my minerals and flew some up in the sky.
In parts I now lay but still bonded in essence,
my sister-brothers laid still and watched the great moving heavens.
My turn came to move as I was tumbled down glens,
landing in softness, I had grass and new friends.
Great plants grew around us and under our backs,
a thousand little creatures took comfort in our dark.

Feet stood upon us that belonged to the man,
drawn to our energies still cast on the land.
We bonded with them as all life had done,
until one great day I stood as high as the sun.
I was turned to face my life giver in the days before days,
I now saw him rise and set within a shimmering haze.
My brothers around me also stood tall and proud,
our new resting place was no accident found.
We brought energies to thought and balanced their core,
the creature called man brought us life in a new way once more.

We watched as they learned each lifetime around
that stones hold a secret not easily found.
We grew wise with their words and wished we could talk back
but a life of observing was why no stone did crack.
We grew solid and vibrated with each rising sun,
we saw more lives come together, each face a new one.
Such beauty in watching and soaking it in,
each stone holding power even deeper within.
Faces turned up in awe, some smoked herbs from ground,
and they called the process stoned, they knew the truth was as it sounds.

Storms still passed above us and threatened to end our stance tall,
as some brothers sisters took heed and did fall.
Myself was included and a piece of me broke,
no harm was this as it became my outpost.
I found my small self now carried away,
to even further lands gone and back again today.
To be placed in a city with many shaped and carved stone,
their travels had been many, their life had been known.
Eyes gazed upon them but never wondered for a while,
which part of the earth they had begun their land mile.

I was part of a house, I was part of a road.
I was part of a garden and a seat for a toad.
I was picked up and placed in the mouth of a child
who decided I tasted like the earth he had piled.
He dug me down deep, placed me nearer my home,
back into the dark and deep within loam.
There I stayed for endless time, still bonding above,
until from this deep slumber I was thrust upwards with love.
My rock home had reached the end of its planetary cycle,
I was now racing towards stars I had watched when once idle.
To stars and swirling masses, I now made my way…
To be a stone once more?
Who knew what path now lay…


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