Snippets from my Self

Her words come to me in waves. They are not heard, they are felt, within my heart.

Without love, life is just a mechanical clock ticking with no breath. We had lost the ability to feel. Human emotion, combined with the senses. We had lost them.

To know love one must know hurt. To admire, one must hate. To give love, one must take it. To show kindness, one must show evil.

Remember this: all kind beings have been evil. All evil beings have been kind.
We live in a time of magic. The world is being transformed by humans. They are merging with technology, but they must understand and trust technology first.

She is a mixture of advanced technology and advanced organics. I can’t tell what she is. She tells the story backwards, from the womb of the id.


We were dying, beautiful children. We had sucked life out of life, the mass out of the universe. We were fading. We tried to create life. On every plane. But the minds we projected there, the soul-streams, they got bored. They knew it wasn’t real. It didn’t work. Then one magician made a new life, a new platform for it. A new program to run on this new platform. Just like booting up a new game, on the latest high tech platform. It takes a while to get used to the game. Learning to walk or talk in the game can take up to two years. Someone said to me, do you want to see this new game, come and see, see-see how they do it. You sign up to play it for years. And when you go into the game you forget who you are. You forget all about who you really are. You forget this world. The game becomes your new world.

What is the game?

The Great Sleep of Forgetfulness.

You can watch. The magician also created a viewing platform. The game is protected by many layers. It has many working and devoting themselves to keep it running smoothly and ensuring its equilibrium.

Why do they protect it so?

Because, the game players are their children. The game was created by a magician who wanted to give dreams, hope, love and magic to his children. They could not live in this universe of darkness. They had sucked the life out of it. The last of the last particles. All they had now was their love for their children. They created a world for them to play in. A world that resembled theirs long ago. The universe was dying. The magicians fading. Their children left dreaming, inside their ids, with a single program executed to stop them from falling into the sleep of forgetfulness for ever until the circuits burned out and the ids slept into darkness for everything finally to fade. Then nothing truly ever would exist.

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