Meta Memories in the Dream Folder

As my mind gets older the more computer-like I have to treat it. The sorting of files, the retrieval of data, files as in parts of the sub-consciousness (id) or consciousness (ego), data as in memories, events, meta-events. Information about the event, another memory. Those event-data streams and meta-memories are filed away, some are filed in the dream folder, some in the active folder. The increase in data and files lends to the slower memory.

And if the data isn’t stored correctly or isn’t efficiently filed the mind will get clogged up. The fog of an ageing human mind is worse than Scotch mist. Drizzles of confusion and slower connections. Muffled synchronicity and overcrowded ego-chatter.
When I sensed that fog I adapted my mind and began to treat it like a computer, I used add-ons like saving notes in my phone, electronic to-do lists, instant communication, updates and new information, all requiring processed on top of all the things the human mind has coped  with quite adequately until now.

But now our minds are struggling. See stress, largest reason for sickness in work. See suicide, bi polar disorder, depression, violence and unhappiness. We are wilting, as humans. Perhaphs we need to merge technology with our minds to allow them to work better, faster and to keep up with the new world.

What we really need are E-Brains. Extended memory brain systems, as simple as plugging a USB stick of memory into your neck, Ghost In The Shell style. I think the time has come.

To accommodate our accelerating knowledge, technological and metaphyiscal, to keep up with the connections being made between minds, between worlds.

Stills inspired by Ghost In The Shell:



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  1. semperite says:

    I believe it’s only a matter of time.

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  2. Agreed, and likely within our lifetime. The possibilities it brings, just like in Ghost in The Shell, brain hacking (inducing hallucinations and wiping memories) and ascension of consciousness… makes for an interesting and very different future in my eyes. Plus another good reason why I should study harder on my Ethical Hacking modules..


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