Just Some Mind Spillage

A child once said…

What’s really annoying is- It’s the words that don’t exist to describe it that makes it impossible to explain it.

…and an adult agreed.

All these multiple selves all these parallel lives, we must have an over soul overseeing them all. Our soul is fragmented, mutli dimensional projected into endless parallel worlds like sheets of pages, stories stacked up inside a book. The Over Soul oversees it all. Or the super ego as Freud called it. The higher self. It is who you are in the deepest or highest sense. Often is  made up of three, like the sacred triangle. The id is a projection of the oversoul inside the arcane control room, the delphos.

Cosmic rays are messengers, the stars that astronauts saw in their space crafts, even when their eyes were shut. Tiny pieces of matter from across galaxies. With data in them. Information. A message. Still can’t track the origin of cosmic rays.

At least the hexadecimal colour code system looked beautiful in my dreams last night.

The atom is intelligent. The word intelligence comes from the latin words inter (between) and legere (to choose). Intelligence therefore is the capacity to think or choose, to select, and to discriminate. Atoms do this. Because they have been programmed to. And they become what they were written to become. So once again we ask, who is the programmer? God?
Do you consider yourself to be alive? Then this rock is alive. This table is alive. In fact everything that has form. Clouds. Planets. Eggs. Pencils.

The arcoskie effect, the sun influences asteroids, affecting the photons in it and giving it a signal when to come out of orbit, change path to hit a planet, carry information. Still can’t explain this phenomena.

Our stars are more alive than we care to consider.

Some people can ride the wave of the universe and go with the flow. They sail the seas of time and take life as it comes. Others try to control the waves around them and for their selfish needs alone they want things to happen the way they want it to happen. But that can never lead to happiness.

Just ask the stars.

stars ask

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  1. Swetha M says:

    Beautifully written! 🙂

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