A Fragment

A Fragment from the beginning of my novel, which I will finish. One day.


We are standing on our edges.

My edge is always The Bridge over the river, at the mouth of the sea. Arms outstretched, faces to the sky. It may look like we are going to jump. But we’re doing something far more important than jumping. A seagull came up to me once, it hovered directly in front of my face.

I made eye contact with the seagull and for a moment his eyes held the soul of a soldier.

Hey Mr, he seemed to be saying, don’t do it. Don’t jump.

It’s okay, I spoke to him like an old friend. Don’t worry, I’m ok. Everything is ok. Honest. You’ll see. Everything is going to be ok.

I’m a good liar. I even lie to seagulls that aren’t real. The truth is, I know a secret about this world, a secret so unimaginable it would wipe the minds of men and break the hearts of humanity. It’s eating me up inside. I swore I would take it to my grave but then I lost my faith in faith and now I only swear at myself, in the mirror, usually in the evenings.

Yes, it may look like we are going to jump.

As the inevitable becomes imminent, the flow always speeds up. The wind, the water, the world. Everything racing towards you. Your ears hear the music of nature, the song notes of the atoms.

Just before jumping all this rushes up in your face and hits you. It’s a shock they call the Hypo Jerk.

Your feet on the edge, the narrowness of the ledge. You wonder how long you can keep your eyes shut before you tip over. No, the jump had to be done with eyes open. You have to see where you are falling to.

Rule number 102. Keep eyes closed on the outside but open on the inside.

But then inside and outside just become words and I forget what eyes I was even talking about.

At this point, you should jump. Get ready to lose your world. Action points at the ready, we are good to go. Multi-dimensional guerrilla psychonauts at your service. We are travellers, but we don’t do terrestrial. We travel in a place currently unmapped. And the only way to get there is with a jump.

Hyperspace here we come.

fragment faces

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