Time… The Passage of Stars and the Death of Entropy.


We build our concept of time upon the movement of energetic giants, the pulsing of their hearts and the spin of our worlds. A whisper once told me that there is a secret place on earth where the spin is draped in stillness. It is not unlike the stillness in your breath, the space in-between the outer and the inner.

Time is not an arrow. Time is not a river. It is a stubborn, directional flow that we think we have no control over. Yet take your thought-wheel out of your body (speak to the spice) and time dissolves, time bends, time jumps. We stand outside of time, looking down upon the many pictures we made in this world-life reality.

We move through what some may call ‘time’. We count out intervals according to our nearest electric star. We spin and fly through a field we know not much about. This field some call the energetic universe. It is unending and should not be thought of as a black and starry void. That is what our human minds have conceptualized it to be. It is a multidimensional mesh, alive with the awareness of an ancient yet newborn soul.

Somewhere, an eye watches. It is unable to take form, only watch and dream of the forms that we believe are really us. The ego-me’s that walk atop our rock, stuck down with gravity, blinded by illusions. The eye is not here or there. It simply, is.

It is a watcher, a watcher of time. Each blink equals an aeon passing. Once the eye closes, entropy will die and our time will end.

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  1. Lennon Carlyle says:

    Intriguing! Love the flow of your words – Thanks for following me. Excited to read more of yours!

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