Earth, I hate and love you


Sometimes I hate this planet. I don’t even feel like I’m from here. Does anyone else feel the same?
On good days I laugh, I forget and I feel like a real human. On other days…well. I’m disappearing.
These other days should be better days. And in some ways they are. I’m floaty like the world is covered in an invisible pillow. I glide across my reality and earth feels like it’s detached from me. Detach, enlighten and execute.

Home feels very far away.

The mission I have tasked myself is supremely lonely. The vision has manifested with so many threads its difficult not to tie them in knots. It never ceases to tug at my inner sanity… Home is still far away. For all of us. Our homes blink at us in the ink-night of the ether. Like Ethernet we are connected. Falling so far down the dangerous game of sleep.

Sleep, forget, reset.

Don’t let yourself get hurt this time. But we do. Like painted dolls we line up with sparkled faces, stupid and stunned we fall back in to the crazy game-dimension of human life.

Today I love this planet.

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